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The Spook Show, initially called Ghost Shows, has been going on for about a hundred years or so, and though its popularity has faded among general audiences, its ability to thrill and entertain those of us that seek to surround ourselves with oddities and the macabre is just as strong as ever. The Spook Show, for us, is not merely something we dabble in from time to time, but it’s a lifestyle that consumes us. Elements that are incorporated into the Spook Show intrigue us because they are out of the ordinary. There is a lot of history that goes along with the costumes and props that are associated with the Spook Shows…

Halloween Club is proud to host an in-store panel and presentation from real-life spook show ghost masters David Lucarelli and Robert Reynoso. Join us in learning more about the art starting at 4:30pm inside the Halloween Club warehouse.


Dr. Zoombas Spook Show

PANEL: Dr. Zomba’s Ghost Show of Terror: Behind Those Spooky-Eyed Ghosts

Learn from the great David Lucarelli writer/producer of "Doctor Zomba's Ghost Show" on how to put together your own real-life Spook Show where he will demonstrate how to create your luminescent ghosts with various spooky eyes that will surely have any fan shivering during the essential Spook Show ‘blackout”. Learn why “blackouts” are a part of spook show history and how they bring to life the magic that is needed in order to produce a hauntingly mesmerizing spectacle that will leave all audience members thoroughly entertained and desiring more.

Time: 4:30-5:30pm inside the Halloween Club

About David Lucarelli
David Lucarelli is a director and playwright with published comics and short stories. He recently wrote and produced “Doctor Zomba's Ghost Show of Terror!” (part of the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Fest).  It's a revival of a type of spooky, funny, scary magic show that saw its heyday in the 1950's and 60's called a "ghost show." It features hypnotism, mind reading, a seance, monsters, ghosts, and at the climax an immersive "blackout sequence" where the audience is in total darkness surrounded by supernatural phenomena they can see, hear and feel!

PRESENTATION: The Haunted House of the Ghoul Spook Show

Wanna see something Spooky? Ghostmaster Robert Reynoso brings the ol' timey Spook Shows back from the grave! Messages from beyond will be revealed, objects will move by ghostly hands, a séance will be conducted, skeletons walk and sing! All this and more during the Haunted House of the Ghoul Spook Show!

Time: 5:50-7:00pm inside the Halloween Club

About Robert Reynoso

He’s a self-proclaimed soul proprietor. For over 13 years Robert Reynoso and his family have been home haunting in the city of La Habra, California. His Home Haunt (The Haunted House of the Ghoul) has become well-known, not only for it's scares, but also for giving out free popcorn and cotton candy to all trick-or-treaters. In 2016, Robert Reynoso joined a long legacy of past "Ghostmasters" by re-creating and re-imagining the ol' timey and nearly forgotten Spook Shows from the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

Learn more by going to SpookShow.org
Or on Facebook at facebook.com/hauntedlahabra

The House of The Haunted Ghoul