The 13 Days of Christmas

‘Tis the season for spiked eggnog, terrible fruit cake, and gift-giving. However, December also brings with it colder weather and darker skies. This change in ambiance makes for a playground in which evil in all its forms will come out and play. They prefer drab weather. They conceal themselves within the dark because this is where they thrive. They watch us, taking note of what scares us so that they can bring our fears to life. Come on a journey with all of us from Halloween Club this December and try to survive all 13 Days of Christmas. 

1.) On the first day of Christmas, the skies are dark and dreary. Perhaps an omen of things to come. As the night draws closer and closer, you find yourself unable to sleep. You see lightning, then you hear the roaring sounds of thunder. It starts to rain. The moon begins to fade out. Your room becomes darker and darker. The walls feel like they are closing in on you. You feel a presence in your room. You can’t see it, but the air has become thicker. You begin to feel pressure at the foot of your bed. Someone… no, something is in the room with you. You reach for your Witch Light-Up Pillow (sku: 409585) and your Skull Light-Up Pillow (sku: 409586) in hopes of repelling the entity. Demons hate the light. You feel a calm wash over you as the eyes of the pillows light up in the dark. The eyes are like pairs of glowing orbs keeping their watchful gaze over you.

2.) The second day of Christmas has come and gone as any normal day does, but as nightfall approaches, a large winged beast takes to the skies and starts causing destruction to your town. Homes are crushed, families are torn apart, and worst of all people--young and old--are clawed to pieces by the beast or swallowed up whole. The Dragon Umbrella (sku: 400839) depicts the events of that horrible night and brings to mind your fight for survival. Though you manage to escape, you barely do so. 

All is not lost, though. As seen in the Birth of a Star Umbrella (sku: 400838), the fairy that gives life to new stars also helps reconstruct the cosmos and everything contained within it. We see her here sitting upon a crescent-shaped moon placing stars throughout the heavens. She will come down to repair the earth and instill tranquility where the flying beast has caused chaos.  

3.) On the third day of Christmas you and your friends are playing a game of D & D. Once the game is over, you jump on your bike and start to head home. You eventually catch a glimpse of a monster, but monsters aren’t real. Once home, you realize that you’re all alone. Not wanting to take any chances, you want to find some kind of weapon to protect yourself with. You withdraw to the shed where you know your family keeps a shotgun. Not even realizing that your attempt to escape or defend yourself is going to be in vain, it’s already too late. A Demogorgon appears behind you and drags you into the upside down. There’s some light at the end of this tunnel, though. You can communicate with your mother through the Stranger Things String of Lights 40ct (sku: 406041). Your stay in the upside down is not permanent. A telekinetic girl named Eleven saves you so that you can live to endure another day of Christmas. 


4.) Things slow down on the fourth day of Christmas. No monsters to evade or hide from. However, you develop agoraphobia because of your BeGoths Gloria Phobia Doll 12in (sku: 402807). The item is cursed. It’s affecting your personality and filling you with fear and nervousness, but you find a twisted kind of comfort in holding it tightly against you. No need to leave the home this season when your Gloria Phobia doll can be all the company you’ll ever need. Wide open spaces and densely populated areas are so overrated anyway. With no friends or family to buy gifts for, now you can save your money for future therapy sessions. 

5.) You manage to set aside your irrational fear of the outside world for the time being so that on the fifth day of Christmas you visit Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria for a horrifying experience. While dressed in the Five Nights at Freddy's Freddy Adult Unisex Onesie (sku: 404836) you’re able to keep warm and undetected from the mechanical monstrosities that move about the restaurant at night. Throughout the night you are able to hide from the killer robots that are hunting you. It’s a good thing the animatronics didn’t catch you. You would have been torn to shreds before your body had time to hit the floor. 

6.) On the sixth day of Christmas, the sorting hat sorts you into the Gryffindor house. Knowing that you will have to appropriately represent your group, you dress to impress in your Harry Potter Gryffindor Adult Womens Printed Top (sku: 411065) and Harry Potter Gryffindor Adult Skirt (sku: 411067). Throughout the day you’re able to steer clear of Professor Snape and don’t get any points taken away from Gryffindor. Later at night, though, while you and your friends are trying to prevent Voldemort from acquiring the Sorcerer’s Stone, you have quite the run-in with Hagrid’s Cerberus Fluffy but live to tell about it.  

7.) The seventh day of Christmas you try keeping warm in the Frankenstein Monsta Adult Hoodie (sku: 405765) but the townspeople mistake you for the real Frankenstein’s monster and chase you out of town with their pitchforks and torches. Not allowing this turn of events to discourage you from battling your agoraphobia, you revisit town in the Grim Reaper Adult Mens Hoodie (sku: 411616) instead. This works out to your advantage because nobody wants to meet death and they all avoid you like the plague.  

8.) On the eighth day of Christmas, you awake to the sound of movement coming from within your closet. It sounds like someone is inside who wants to get out. You investigate the noise and before you stands a burly man wearing the Die Laughing Clown Adult Mens Costume (sku: 403008). As soon as he sees you he starts laughing. He then begins to hack away at the air in an attempt to slice and chop through your skin. The clown’s cleaver cuts your cheek, but the damage is not serious. Enjoying having your skin intact, you flee your room, shoot down the stairs, and through the front door out into the cold night. You look back and don’t see the clown following you. You use a neighbor’s telephone to call 911. Once the authorities arrive they check your house and find nothing. Was it just a figment of your imagination? If so, you are unable to explain the newly inflicted wound on your cheek. 

9.) On the ninth day of Christmas, you lost your paper boat in a sewer drain. You checked the drain and saw a dog wearing the Walking Pennywise Pet Costume (sku: 406072). He referred to himself as Puppywise the dancing clown and tried luring you down into the sewers. You fall for his tricks because he’s adorable. It’s not all that bad, though. You get your boat back as well as a shiny, red balloon. He then takes you deep into the heart of his lair where all the dead kids float. The Losers are already down there trying to kill It. They aid you in your fight against the demonic clown and you flee the sewers with only a few nicks and scrapes. The only threat you have to worry about now is Henry Bowers.  

10.) He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. No, it’s not Santa Claus. On the tenth day of Christmas, you wake up to knocking at your window. When you get out of bed to investigate the noise, you see the Scary Peeper Man Window Cling (sku:409933) and it startles you. Don’t worry, he doesn’t want to hurt you. He only wants to keep a watchful eye over you as you sleep. As you slowly drift away into dreamland, allow your worries and fears to dissipate into nothingness--your guardian angel is watching over you.   

11.) On the eleventh day of Christmas, your curiosity gets the best of you and you end up in an abandoned carnival. You hear voices from inside the funhouse calling out to you, so you decide to check it out. You could hear unidentifiable sounds around you as you see shadows dancing on the walls. You walk deeper and deeper into the fun house until you stumble upon the See-Saw Clowns Animated Prop (sku: 410546). The clowns come to life and slowly start approaching you. For being a fun house, you aren’t having fun. Fear overtakes you but you manage to escape with your life intact. 

12.) The twelfth day of Christmas you and several others find yourselves in a dilapidated building as part of an experiment where you’re all locked in a room and monitored by researchers by way of one-way windows and microphones. The experiment requires you all to remain awake for thirty days. You and the others are given a gas-based stimulant in order to stay awake. You begin to quickly develop an addiction to the gas and your desire to sleep is diminishing. One of the other test subjects can no longer take it and begins screaming at the top of his lungs until his vocal cords are destroyed. At one point, one of the researchers enters the room to make sure the microphones are working. As the researcher checks on the microphones, another test subject who is squatting down in the corner stands up and begins screaming and making erratic movements. With the researcher’s attention distracted, you take this window of opportunity to escape the room where you are being held. Against all odds, you manage to escape. The Creepypasta Sleep Experiment Adult Latex Mask (sku: 406081) is a constant reminder of the abuse you endured during your stay. 


13.) Finally, the thirteenth day of Christmas has arrived. The nightmare is almost over. You don’t remember when this all started. You can’t remember if you have fallen asleep and are just dreaming, or are having a nightmare more like it. You hope that you’re home safely in bed, but this all feels so real. You have no memory of who you are, where you live, or even your name. Amnesia, maybe? If so, you don’t remember sustaining any sort of head injury. You feel as though something is not right but are unable to understand why. You push all of these confusing thoughts aside. You’re in a quiet forest. You don’t remember how you got here, but the environment is peaceful. You are surrounded by trees that seem to extend towards the sky with no ending to them. As you look around you don’t see any animals, you don’t feel any wind, you don’t hear any birds. The forest is beyond quiet. Besides the green vegetation that surrounds you, this forest feels as though it’s dead. Or it’s alive, waiting for you to spring its trap so that it can consume you. You walk around, not able to identify any memorable landmarks. All of a sudden you see someone off in the distance. You look around for any other signs of life but this is done to no avail. When you look back to where the person was standing, you notice that they are gone. You look left, nothing and no one. You look right--SUDDENLY! You hear static. You’re afraid to turn around. You’re petrified. You can’t move. You see long arms reach over your shoulders. Whoever is behind you they have incredibly long reach. You’ve heard of the Slender Man before, but that’s just a creepypasta, you think to yourself. The Slender Man Nightmare Animated Prop 7ft (sku: 410545) is about to snatch you up from behind, only this thing isn’t stationary. You become lightheaded. You faint. 

You awake with your head underneath your Christmas tree. You push yourself out from under the tree only to notice a dessert plate with partially eaten fruitcake scattered about the floor and a cup that has eggnog and brandy residue in it. You have a headache and can see outside that the sun is coming up. Was it all just a dream? 

It’s been an arduous journey, but you successfully survived all thirteen days of Christmas. Looking for something a little scary this season, then make your way to your nearest Halloween Club Costume Superstore. We don’t just sell costumes. We also carry plenty of gifts for those special people (and even pets) in your life. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!