Santa Claus Suits for every type of Santa need

Costumes for Christmas

Santa Claus costumes for every type of personality and size available now at Halloween Club retail locations. Scroll below for Santa Claus costume musts this holiday.

1) Plush Santa suit that screams jolliness

141723 Plush Santa Suit

2) Old Saint Nick rocking velvet suit duds

Santa Claus Suit Velvet

3) Ho, ho, hold up! Santa's never looked this good in velour

141719 Velour Santa Claus Costume

4) Vintage Ol' Saint Nick, but as spry as ever

327954 Vintage Santa Claus

5) Never has it been this easy to become Santa Claus

356113 Santa Claus Hoodie

6) Yas! Easy Santa T-shirt for those that want to kind-of want to celebrate Christmas

330760 Santa Shirt

7) Fa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha... Who needs a sleigh when you have trusty ol' Ride Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer Santa Costume

378614 Funny Santa Costume

8) Mrs. Claus has updated her old frocks with this naughtier skintight catsuit. Shh... Don't tell Santa

346937 Naughty Mrs. Claus

9) Flirty Santa dress for women: Mistletoe sold separately

199409 Sexy Santa Claus

10) Only the warmest flannel santa claus costume for boys

Kids Santa Claus Suit

11) D'aww! Da wittle baby Santa Claus costume

352792 Baby Santa Suit

If you want to see more Christmas-themed costumes, stop by your nearest Halloween Club costume superstore. Click here for store directions.