What the elf Christmas!?

Elf Costumes for Christmas

For every Santa Helper, pick up a costume at the Halloween Club for an extra dose of holiday cheer. Scroll below for a sneak peak of our favorite Elf costumes.

1) This elf cutie is dressed and ready to report for duty at Santa's workshop (352791)

Christmas Elf Cutie Infant Costume

2) The ultimate defender of Christmas Spirit (281479)

3) Pointed, curled shoes: check. Red elf hat: check. Velvet elf child costume: check. Ready for Christmas: You better elf*n believe it. (268136)

Velvet Elf Child Costume

4) Keeping it jolly and warm in elf fleece. Christmas spirit fingers up. (232087)

Elf Fleece Adult Set Costume

5) Stay classy Christmas. (243555)

Santas Helper Adult Costume

6) Saved up all his jingle bills to get this Christmas Elf Costume. Now, looking good all Christmas long. (376423)

Christmas Elf Adult Unisex Costume

7) Santa's elf warrior/ body guard helping just in case the children get a little too jolly. (281472)

 Elf Warrior Adult Mens Costume

8) For casual Fridays at Santa's workshop (330750)


9)  What do you call a female elf? A shelf. What do you call a male elf? A man who borrowed a shelf's Peter Pan Adult Unisex Costume (013679)

Peter Pan Adult Unisex Costume

If you want to see more elves and Christmas-themed costumes, stop by your nearest Halloween Club costume superstore. Click here for store directions.