8 of the Jolliest Holiday Costumes for Kids

Christmas Costumes for Kids and Babies

For babies first Christmas photo shoot, school pageants, make it a jollier holiday in costume available now at the Halloween Club.

1)  You're going to need to look the part if you're gonna herd sheep like a pro. (232091)

2) You're never too young to welcome in the yuletide with such vivaciousness and style. (352792)

3) Baby Santa was born to spread Christmas cheer by being absolutely adorable. (352792)

4) So you think you're some kind of wise guy, huh? (000378)

5) Ideal attire for any wise man. Frankincense, myrrh, and gold not included. (326861)

6) Mary did you know... you can strike a pose in any nativity scene and be a part of the action. (326865)

6) Santa can never have too many elves, and good help is hard to find. (352791)

7) Milk and cookies are the best way to replenish your energy when you're on the go like Santa. (373746)

8) No need to decorate a messy Christmas tree when you can just decorate the baby. (352794)

8) Need help with the gift wrapping? Having an elf on hand makes things easy. (268136)

8) Move over Frosty. There's a new snowman in town.(352789)

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