Cosplaying for Donald Trump Inauguration

Preparing for Donald Trump Inauguration

With the passing of every four years, our country comes together to vote and elect its next leader. We take to the voting polls to decide the direction, fate and future of our country. Each casted vote is either an affirmation to continue on or a declaration for change... from one leader to the next, from one ideology to another. 

As the inauguration of the United States 45th President approaches, we would now like to take a moment to reflect and welcome the man elected to lead our country for the next 4 years.

1) America's future's looking bright. Shield your eyes.

(Donald Trump Sunglasses - 380574)


2) There will be hell toupee.

(Angry Donald Trump Mask - 364809)


3) Just like mothers expecting, U.S. Presidents too get that healthy Insta-Bake Bronzer glow. (Insta-Bake Bronzer Makeup - 376618)


4) He will make America great again and we shall over comb.

(Mr. CEO Trump Wig - 377732)


5) There's no wall keeping you from getting this Trump Mask.

(Donald Latex Mask - 375407)


Donald Trump here holding the latex mask.
Donald Trump Mask


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