Comic-Con 2017: Costumes, Heros, and Fans Galore!


Comic-Con 2017: Costumes, Heros, and Fans Galore!

Send a raven! We safely survived San Diego Comic-Con 2017. We endured the proverbial massive crowds, heat, lines and the difficult decisions of narrowing down panels. There were so many good ones! After lying in stasis to recover, here's a quick recap ranging from the heroic to some of the stranger things that we captured.

Here we go, Puddin'

(makeup available at Halloween Club)


There were cosplayers and costumes galore, from the simplest to the most eccentric that made us go 'Oh my gosh, is there living breathing human beneath that'

Here we've got a gathering of the Batman Rogue Gallery. There's no better place to team up and take down the Batman! Can you name them all?

Batman Villains SDCC


How did I get from the convention center to the Overlook Lodge?

The Shining

This Grandpa and Grandson duo completely nailed the roles of T'Challa and T'Chaka from"Black Panther"

Black Panther SDCC

It's the Boy Wonder and Batfleck!

We were practically in a galaxy of Star Wars cosplayers. It was nice knowing that Rebels were around to ensure the Empire didn't try and take over comic-con. OMG! I can't wait for the new "The Last Jedi" costumes!

Han and Leia cosplay SDCCJyn and Rey cosplay SDCCStrormtrooper cosplay SDCCKylo Ren cosplay SDCC

Heroism just takes a little creativity and courage.

The Flash SDCC

One of the most unlikely duos, Deadpool & Elmo. Hmmm, I wonder if we should start cross-selling Elmos to go with our Deadpool costumes...?

Deadpool Elmo SDCC


Hall H is the land of milk & honey. It is known. It's where the biggest and most popular panels take place including all major movie events ranging from "Justice League"; to "Avengers: Infinity Wars" to television phenoms like "Game of Thrones" and "Stranger Things". While we, unfortunately, were among the hordes of unlucky rejects who failed to get one of the few coveted wristbands (this included those who camped out and waited 30+ hours in line), we still gained insight into what was featured and future plans. As consolation prizes trailers for "Stranger Things" and "Infinity Wars" debuted plus we've got new Game of Thrones premiering every Sunday. There were many other fun panels that we caught too.

"The Gifted" panel premiered the new Marvel series based off the X-Men, and I can definitely say this is looking to be a promising superhero show.

The Gifted Panel SDCC

(Picture by M.Figueroa for SDCC)

It's the 25th Anniversary of "Batman: The Animated Series" and Harley Quinn, and one way we're celebrating is with the world premiere screening of the new DC animated feature"Batman  and Harley Quinn"

(Photo by C.Gawlik of SDCC)


The Spongebob cast and crew brought Halloween early with an exclusive first look in their new stop-motion Halloween special "Legends of BOO-kini Bottom" and as a fan of the show and Halloween, this was an absolute MUST. Isn't Patrick's Trick-or-Treat bucket adorable?!

Gary Spongebob Squarepants SDCCSpongebob and Patrick Halloween SDCC


Aside from the comics, there are statues and replicas direct from the sets open for all attendees to see in the exhibit hall. It's one thing to admire things on a screen, but it's a completely different sort of appreciation when you get a close up of the work up close.

Anyone wanna go for a ride?

Batmobile Justic League SDCC


Costumes off the set of the "Black Panther" movie.

Black Panther SDCC

The 'Prop Store' was auctioning off some original costumes for some of the biggest collectors out there. Estimated price of Julie Newmar's Catsuit? $26,000! But that's okay though because if you didn't win the auction, Halloween Club's got some that look just like that - but, not for $26k.

Catwoman & Batman suits SDCC

"Please do not touch" They forgot to add " will eat you!"

Alien SDCC

It's The Mad Titan, Thanos! Amazing statue from Sideshow Collectibles, but um, for a guy who's supposed to bring about the galactic apocalypse, he's kinda small?!

Thanos Infinity Wars SDCC

More cool stuff from Sideshow Collectibles. Get it, cool, Mr. Freeze, eh, eh...

Batman Mr. Freeze SDCC


As expected, we were also able to snatch up some SDCC exclusive goodies and other merch. But consequently, we'll also be holding a funeral for my wallet. The tombstone shall read: "RIP my bank account, I knew thee well, yet briefly".

The Marvel Booth featured cast signings, upcoming trailers, new game-testing displays, free posters (shown below), and a little shop for purchasing exclusive con merch. Our Marvel themed goodies included a Spider-man plush that hangs off a web, a cute Black Panther plush on a ball of yarn (not shown), emoji pins and a lanyard for all those collectors out there. He wasn't an exclusive but, as part of the theme, we got an officially licensed Lego Iron Man key chain.

Marvel SDCC exclusives

Aside from the non-Marvel universe, we got some figurines, Comic-Con souvenir bags, "Walking Dead" goodies, and other things I won't bore you with.


As an experienced con-goer, but first-time SDCC attendee, I can confidently say that San Diego Comic-Con truly is incomparable. Two words summarizing the experience: fun and hectic. I met seasoned attendees that'd been going for 25+ years, and others that were there for the first time (like me) that were amazed and struggling to try to take everything in. Comic-Con's not for everyone though. It'll definitely be what you make of it. A niche passion is required for true enjoyment.

The 4-day event is a holiday for fans and the San Diego locals. Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego is endearingly transformed for all the tourist nerds. Restaurants are themed out, events commemorating the festival aplenty and free goodies are passed out like candy. I've only shared with you a small chunk of what we saw in our 2 days there - but even then it wasn't enough time!

If you couldn't make it to San Diego Comic-Con it'll be alright (no, ok who am I kidding.) There are a lot more conventions and events (here are some of our favorites) happening that are just as fun. If you're looking to dress up for them, Halloween Club has you covered. Masks, costumes, makeup, we can help you with the easy way out in picking the costume of your choosing. You can stick to them as is, or build up from them, either way, we're happy to help make your convention experience a bit more fun. We're open year-round. For store directions please click here.