Get Into Character: Stephen King's "It"

Get into character! Here at the Halloween Club, we can appreciate a good character, since we probably have the costume to match it. And as members of this crazy society, we have all seen how the phenomenon "It" has spread around the world. But what actually is Pennywise The Dancing Clown, you ask? Why is "It" here now? And what damage can "It" inflict? This dedicated Halloween Club team has compiled research to answer you on these pressing and terrifying matters.

“It” Character Concept

Stephen King's first imagination the Pennywise character became clear to him as he walked about the city streets of eastern Boulder, Colorado, when he thought to write a story about a troll under a bridge (

Source: MovieWeb

His "Pennywise the Dancing Clown" is an antagonistic character. It is called "It" fittingly, as it is not of solid nature, and of a particular evil that cannot be named. According to the original book from 1988, "It" is come to Earth from "the Macroverse" an indescribable dimension or realm. "It" is an omnipresent and sinister character, something that has crossed through a space and time beyond human comprehension (FANDOM).


It’s Been 27 Years Since We Last Saw "It"

Why does "It" awaken every 27 years? The original "It" movie was released 27 years ago in 1990, so we should have expected that "It" would awaken again in 2017. It is unclear why King chose this interval to be 27 years, but the number 27 has been associated with creepiness. First, 27 is an "evil number" in number theory. More relevant though, is that a 10,000 day old person is 27 years old. Perhaps "It" awakens exactly every 10,000 days. The number 27 is also thought to represent light ("It" natural form is bright light).

“It’s” Supernatural!

  • Shapeshifting. It can shapeshift into your greatest fear.

  • Illusions. It creates realistic illusions that can trick its victims.

  • Partial Invisibility. Those who believe It will see It.

  • Telepathy. It can read your mind when It gets close to you.

  • Brainwashing/Mind Control. It brainwashes many people at once.

  • Teleportation. It has been known to teleport within the city.

  • Immortality. Good luck fighting It. It cannot be killed.

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