A Wondrous World For Cosplay!

A Wondrous World For Cosplay!

Cosplay! So for all of us enthusiastic nerds here at the Halloween Club who love to prep for the sinister yet magnificent embrace of Halloween, this September is crunch time for us to rethink our costumes. Time is ticking! Consider this a PSA: Start getting ready before it's too late. And as for anybody still needing a brilliant costume idea, let me throw this out there for you... There is one particular character that redefined the meaning of "superhero," making for a truly relevant and all around good costume idea that you might want to consider.


The DC Comics character Wonder Woman just became the fifth biggest superhero movie ever in North America! The film broke numerous box office records, including highest-grossing live-action film directed by a woman [bow down to the brilliant director Patty Jenkins] and the largest opening for a female-led comic book movie. Wonder Woman just set a precedent that female superheroes and costumers are here to stay.


Empower your inner geek and celebrate your superhero fandom! We've selected the Wonder Woman costumes that are perfect for cosplaying, as you bring your inner super character to life. You officially have all the essential brand new Wonder Woman products and accessories that your heart would desire for this and a 20% off discount (with a minimum $25 purchase) storewide now from the original Halloween Club. Store hours have just been extended to 9pm.

Here's our top 10 must-haves to get you into Wonder Woman mode for Halloween 2017 or cosplay event:

1. Say Yes To This Dress

Our first must-have costume is truest to Wonder Woman's original 1942 "Golden Age" comic book incarnation. Diana Prince rocks a full on skirt! Embrace an inspired look from 1930-1945 war times, when women's roles changed from ultra feminine to practical and useful. In her secret identity Wonder Woman worked as a nurse! If you dig an authentic look, this costume was made for you!

Halloween Club Wonder Woman Long Dress Adult Womens Costume 391927

Wonder Woman Long Dress Adult Womens Costume 391927

2. Accessorize, Accessorize, and Accessorize Yourself

Our number two must-have is similar to the Wonder Woman TV show style, epitomizing the disco era fun and functionality of a modern age. Diana Prince was played by Lynda Carter, who has been called the best dressed woman of 1970s television. This 3-piece set includes a Wonder Woman golden tiara, gauntlets, and belt with attached lasso... you'll absolutely love it!

Wonder Woman Adult Accessory Set 394192

3. This Is The Ultimate Girly Skirt

Beyond your classic outfit, items like tulle skirts are having a busy year! This fierce tutu features a tan, elastic waistband embellished with a Wonder Woman logo patch decorated in gold glitter and red stitching. The skirt is composed of three layers. The first layer is decorated with 5-point white stars and blue sequin. The bottom two layers are solid blue, ensuring maximum full out wonderous-ness.

Wonder Woman Adult Tutu 391921

4. Get Your Kid A Romper

Your toddler can save the day in this romper! This superb garment is modeled after Wonder Woman's battle armor, including foam gauntlets, foam shin guards, and a foam tiara with elastic to fit around the head. It's lovely.

Batman v Superman Wonder Woman Romper Toddler Costume 370980

5. Live Life In A Bodysuit

Simple, sizzling, and super. This version of the heroic super-suit is complete with the classic superhero cape. Wonder Woman has worn one on several occasions. Wear this bodysuit to achieve extra-powerful understandings.

Wonder Woman Bodysuit with Cape 399268

6. Onesie Weather Is Upon Us

You're willing and eager to help anyone that is suffering, but you're still feeling lazy? Make a proper impact with this cozy onesie. Once it's on, you can use your powers to binge on Amazon. Because she's Amazonian...

Wonder Woman Juniors Onesie 342725

7. Amazon Warrior Legacies Never Go Out Of Style

Remember that time when the all-female band of Amazon warriors were superhumanly powerful and defeated those hostile German forces? That's power!!! If you're into non-stop action and epic battles for your very existence, you can be Beach Battle Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman Beach Battle Adult Womens Costume 400064

8. Hey You, Put On A Shirt

What if you just love Wonder Woman and are proud of it, all day, any day, and all the time? You must bask in the iconic bravery. By putting on this universal T-shirt.

Wonder Woman T-Shirt Adult Woman Costume 297243

9. Make Boyshorts The New Standard Underwear

Never turn down a dare. Wear these awesome boyshorts.

Wonder Woman Boyshorts 391916

10. Wonder Woman Is My Spirit Animal

Because pets in costumes are literally the best thing about Halloween. They like it.

Wonder Woman Pet Costume 371199

If you've seen Wonder Woman, you know there are a trillion reasons to absolutely love it! Halloween Club has everything you need, and more, to embody the Wonder Woman level of heroism. See the Wonder Woman movie and get your costume with us for the best price. Treat yourself early with our 20% Halloween costume discount storewide. Plan to visit a Los Angeles and Orange County Halloween Club store near you, click here for locations to our costume superstores.


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