Piggyback, Pick-Me-Up & Ride-Along Costumes - Oh my!

Piggyback, Pick-Me-Up & Ride-Along Costumes - Oh my!

If you're searching for something humourous, the new Pick-Me-Up, Piggy-Back, and Ride-Along costumes might be right up your alley! These costumes are pretty self explanatory -- they're inflatables that make it look like you're either piggy backing on someone's shoulders, being picked up from behind, or riding on someone's back the good old fashioned cowboy style.

Green Alien

For instance, This costume adequately captures the surprise you feel when you're being abducted by an alien. That stuff always happens when you least expect.

Pick Me Up Alien Inflatable Adult Unisex Costume 393435


For something more majestic or dramatic, you could try piggybacking on this T-Rex. He can run very fast, so take advantage of that and hang on tight.

T-Rex Piggyback Adult Unisex Costume 393423

Donald Trump

In another example, we have this President Trump Piggyback costume (which is not at all political in anyway whatsoever ever under any circumstance). It's actually about trying to find common ground. These are multipurpose, for congregations, rallies and protests alike.

President Trump Piggyback Adult Unisex Costume 399500


Or perhaps this ride along costume, which is nearly romantic, suits your fancy. You just grab them by the horns.

Ride-A-Bull Adult Unisex Costume 378616


Moving along, we also have a variety of these costumes available in children's sizes. Like this Skeleton Piggyback costume -- Instead of wearing the regular old skeleton suit, you can remain vicarious and simply dance on this skeleton's shoulders.

Skeleton Piggyback Child Costume 393424

Sumo Wrestler

And since we've all seen the two sumo wrestlers fighting costume, why not shake that up a bit? Coordinate with a costume buddy and do two sumo wrestlers playing chicken!

Ride-A-Sumo Adult Unisex Costume 394861

Grim Reaper

Finally, sometimes you may find yourself with the feeling that everything is just leading up to that sweet embrace. For the shared sentiment, we have this pick me up grim reaper. Isn't he affectionate?

Pick Me Up Grim Reaper Inflatable Adult Unisex Costume 393436

These Piggybacks, Pick-Me-Ups, and Ride Alongs are available at your local Halloween Club store, and if you're in LA or Orange County, the probability that there is a Halloween Club store near you is likely, so don't miss out on these. Here are the Halloween Club locations and hours. Happy Halloween!


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