The Best Halloween Props of 2017 & Other Haunted House Decor Ideas

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Haunted House & Fence LED Picture 338199

Some of the very positive and inspiring facts about the Victorian Era are that the demand for food, clothing, and housing increased significantly as a result of the population growing from 16 million to 37 million. During that growth, England became the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world, and ruled a quarter of the world's population. Overall, standard of living increased, fertility rate increased, and mortality rate was lowered. Health facilities improved. The establishment of many factories also influenced working standards and led to the emergence of many towns, and other infrastructure, such as railways, which somewhat replaced horse and carriage. It was during this time that the telephone, radio, and sewing machines were also invented. As we can see, these paramount technological developments are sort of the building blocks of what we consider normalcy in today's world. It is incredulous. The answer to what an empire costs is something of a haunted reminder of truth. Some of the horror inducing realities of the Victorian Era and Industrial Revolution haunt us in the global economy, and are mostly related to conditions. During the Industrial Age, work was no leisurely. The days were polluted, with unsafe machinery, dirty, long, and without relief, freezing cold in winter and sweltering hot in summer. Diseases were easily transmitted in closed and contaminated spaces. Poor pay. Child labor. Small living spaces for the working class, such as twelve people were crammed into one room, which did not have windows. Attics and basements were also used as living spaces. The cities were filthy. Construction maintenance was poor and there was a lot of crime and violence. Social decay occurred; machine taking over man was a shock and blow for many. Hence, societal disillusionment became acute during Modern era (

5 Animated Victorian Props for the Best Haunted House:

1. Skeleton Boy On A Swing

Swinging Skeletal Boy Animated Prop 396326

This little guy is post-moribund. He's dead. He's all rotted away, probably eaten by worms and maggots and other things living six feet under the tombstone. But despite all of that, he has broken ground in jolly spirit for a last swing on the tree swing set at the haunted mansion. Looking closely you can determine by his teeth-y smile that he was most-likely from a toxic or mad, but well-to-do family.

2. Decrepit Doll on a Swing

Swinging Decrepit Dessie Doll Animated Prop 375390

Childlike dolls appeared in the 1850s and overtook the doll market by the late 19th century. This particular doll is Halloween appropriately possessed, decrepit, and creepy, however. She must have seen something. Just look at the way her eyes glow. She also says haunted things to people walking past her.

3. Dauntingly Tall Figure Shakes Victim Child Mercilessly For Hours On End

Towering Boogeyman with Victim Animated Prop 396327

This Victorian gentleman is pretty savage. From what we can tell, it looks like he's just ripped this pajama child out of its bed and shaking it relentlessly for hours while all the blood rushes to its possessed little head, on your front lawn. She screams the entire time. It's uncanny, especially terrifying or hilarious to a child.

4. Swinging Clown

Swinging Suicidal Clown Animated Prop 375389

It's a clown world, some say, and this little guy shows it on his face. But he's still having a good time on the trapeze, in his pointy little clown hat. Just look at his fuzzy orange clown hair and his facepaint. He's so cute. He looks like he wants to be part of your Halloween display.

Speaking of face paint, his face paint looks like it was the inspiration for the new Pennywise!

IT the Movie Pennywise Makeup Kit 397186

5. Dolls Go-A-Round

Ghostly Go-A-Round Dolls Animated Prop 396329

Can't stop and won't stop. It's a ride that never ends. Round and around and around and around they go. . . Wooooooh! This Victorian-based prop even features yesterday's creepy merry-go-round music.

The Victorian and Industrial Haunted House

There something about a Victorian Era haunted mansion that just makes a haunted scene complete. The Victorian Era is presented as a landmark time of marvelous advancement for Great Britain. Part of that sentiment among haunted house enthusiasts, at least, may come from a strange balancing truth, being that the romanticized accounts of the Victorian Era will forever be juxtaposed and in contradiction with the miserable social realities of the Industrial Revolution. Some of these social injustices, although they admittedly did not necessarily stem from any particular time period or place, have manifested in familiar ways. In a way, it is as though the beauty of what took place in the British Isles during the Victorian Era is somehow, yet very literally, haunted by the unresolved social injustices pervading through today's civilized societies.

More Spooktacular Decoration Inspiration:

1. Spooky Victorian Telephone Decoration

Victorian Spooky Telephone 380975

The first telephone was the result of a culmination of work by various inventors from the 19th century and hundreds of years before.

2. Supernatural Floating Candle

Floating Candle 348807

Reminiscent of how these stylish candles were prepared with a plate and carried to bedtime.

3. Check The Pressure

Water Meter Tubes with Haunted Bulb 395310

Every sturdy house should have a water pressure pipe connected to a sizzling light bulb. Don't get electrocuted! Luckily, for those of us who appreciate detailed decoration, this prop is 100% safe.

4. String Up Some Lights!

Rusty Attic String Lights 349103

5. Halloween Lantern

Spiderweb Halloween Lantern with LED Candle 386089

6. Creepy Vintage Photo

Vintage Creepy Friends Light-Up Photo 329941

All of these props and decorations would make spectacular additions to your haunted house, and are available for purchase in-store at one of the more than 20 Halloween Club store locations (click here for locations, directions, and store hours). Decide on your favorite and take an adventure to the Halloween Club store nearest you, and see if there is anything that strikes your fancy.


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