5 Entertaining Inflatable Halloween Costumes

T-Rexes, Minions, Slender-Men and More!

A lot of what makes the Halloween Club family SoCal's original and hence best source for all things Halloween is the sheer joy we gain from identifying the newest Halloween trends and offering those trends up to you! We make it a priority. That being said, these are the 5 inflatable costumes that are currently going viral:

1. As A T-Rex, You Can Consider The Costume Competition Extinct

You can indeed consider the competition extinct if you show up to your Halloween function as a T-Rex. This currently viral trend is sweeping the country, as this costume is universally hilarious, clever, and completely lovable. Anything you do as a T-Rex is automatically cooler by infinity times.

Jurassic World Inflatable T-Rex Adult Mens Costume 345946

The T-Rex was a most-athletic crowd favorite at American Ninja Warriorss, for example:

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Whether you're on a TV game show. . . out for a dance. . . riding your motorcycle. . . catching up on some parkour. . . or getting married. . . it seems that despite all of the tumult and turmoil in the world, there is agreement that the Tyrannosaurus Rexes kick ass by all of our judgments.

These ferociously majestic T-Rex's are in high demand, so get one for yourself at the Halloween Club soon!

Additionally, for the ultra-enthusiast, we also have for you the Inflatable Giant T-Rex Skeleton costume, which is specifically relevant to the Halloween. It's an ideal blend of scare and silly, a one of a kind ensemble.

Giant T-Rex Skeleton Inflatable Adult Unisex Costume 393432

2. Minions. Minions Everywhere.

Stuart the Minion Inflatable Child Costume 345851

This is Stuart. Stuart is trending. As you can see, Stuart is a minion. Be like Stuart. He's an international phenomenon.

In China, for example, dressing up as a minion and going out to the river for some fun and splash became a newsworthy summer pastime. Because outdoor activities are more practical and silly when you're a minion. And minion costumes are a safer investment than sunscreen. Regardless, we absolutely loved seeing crowds of minions keeping cool this summer, and we hope to keep seeing more of you out and about this Halloween.

(Photo Source: Mashable)

(Photo Source: Mashable)

3. Blow Them Away In These Jumpsuits

These full body polyester jumpsuits are sufficiently awkward - a huge hit for it, too! Knowing you, you would probably wear this. They make a great disguise when you muse on it, covering your entire body with a mask, gloves, and socks. The jumpsuits can certainly stand alone, but they also make a good template for any variety of disguises you might want to create. Solid long-term investment, five gold stars. Assorted colors, too!

Red Inflatable Jumpsuit Adult Unisex Costume 298030

Black Inflatable Jumpsuit Adult Unisex Costume 282281

Green Inflatable Jumpsuit Adult Unisex Costume 282280

4. This "Slender" Man

Granted, you may have a harder time blending into those skinny trees in this not-so-slender Slender Man suit. The real point is to photobomb, and what better way to do it?

Giant Slenderman Inflatable Adult Unisex Costume 393431

In the inflatable Slender Man Pick Me Up costume, you are unsuspectingly embraced in your abduction by a giant inflatable Slender Man.

Pick Me Up Slenderman Inflatable Adult Unisex Costume 393437

(Photo Source: Morph Costumes)

5. And Finally, Because Evil Clowns Are Here To Stay. . .

The final trend sweeping the crowd is killer clown sensation and pranking, currently re-fueled by the release of the new "It" movie and the sequel in production. Appropriate to the clown craze is this evil clown inflatable. The unnatural body shape and blood splats on this one of an evil clown will definitely induce that fight or flight reaction. Most satisfying and sinister.

Inflatable Evil Clown Adult Mens Costume 352529

So Come On Down To The Halloween Club Superstore Warehouse!

Climb into your motor vehicle and drive on down here now! You won't believe the amazing selection we have of all things Halloween, from props to costumes to decorations. And most importantly of all, get your ridiculous inflatable costume ASAP! Halloween is fast approaching and it's so worth it. Your friends will cherish the laugh.


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