Why Friday the 13th is so "Lucky"

Why Friday the 13th is so "Lucky"

The Halloween Club is and has for decades been Los Angeles, California's original and go-to source for all costumes, props, and decor pertaining to Halloween. Over that time, we've sourced the scariest, most horrifying, and most fear-inducing staple characters of all time. Read up for a run-down of props and accessories related to Friday the 13th. You can also view the Jason costume, props, and related goods from the Halloween Club Catalog at your local LA and Orange County Halloween store today.

Friday the 13th was released in 1980, and became a horror film favorite. Today, character Jason is an icon with fans from all walks of life, relatable for normal and social people alike. Of course, you also have every right to be terrified of Jason. His key attributes are his mask and his signature machete weapon. A remade film may be released next year.

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There exists much folklore as to why Friday the 13th is considered unlucky, and so people devote their time and energy trying to substantiate data proving the day to be unlucky or lucky.

Theory 1: Stock Market Crash of 1929 Was Not Fortunate For Anybody

Why Friday the 13th is with us as a misfortune, many do not know at all. The superstition of the number is argued to be a Western industrialized construction anyhow. One of the false theories is the day owes reputation to a so-named "Black Friday" of 1929. The crash in the Atlantic did not occur on Friday, however. It occurred on Thursday. Or maybe a Tuesday. Well, the fall began October 18, supposedly.

By ultimately "occurred," we mean sensed by everybody. Actually, because of the time difference and delay, the jolt was supposedly realized by and on Friday in Europe. Hence, unemployment. Supposedly, unemployment in Germany, Poland, and Austria rose 20% while output fell 40%. These sorts of memories may or may not be forgotten. At least for the United States, the situation was not improved until the war's demand for re-industrialization, which revitalized the economy, a time during which Central Europe was in rubble. It took Germany approximately three generations to completely rebuild a new and thriving site.

Meanwhile, since 1981, China's poverty rate has been significantly reduced, from 88% of people living on less than 2 Euros per day to 6% of its capital, today in 2017. The Chinese government in Hong Kong's capitalist democracy is very proud of this achievement. By this measurement, poverty worldwide has been falling at a staggering rate, thanks to industrialization.

Theory 2: The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Friday

Related to another assumption of "Western" origin, Jesus Christ was crucified on Good Friday, possibly the 13th day, so Christians mourn the day. Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden on a Friday. For some of the Protestant sects, marriages often took place on Fridays, so it was a celebration day. For Catholics, it was a mourning day.

Theory 3: Conflations With The Number 13

Certain superstitions have construed the number to be a bad Omen based on events. Other cultures have considered it a holy day. Generally, some miscellaneous theories about the number 13 are that:

- There were 13 people at Last Supper with the 13th person being the one who betrayed Jesus

- Other negative biblical references to 13

- 13 steps to the gallows

- The Knight's Templar

- Women's evil menstruation cycles which happen 13 times per year

- Covens that had 13 members

- Unfounded superstitions

- Ancient Persian predictions about the 13,000th year

- Sports players not performing to the expectations of their fans.

- Supposedly the 13th part of Hammurabi's code was deleted by clerical error.

Snuggle up with your preferred companions and watch the movie for yourself this October 31st. It's an entertaining way to celebrate the day. Perhaps even video your successful and non-violent scare prank and broadcast it for everybody else to have a laugh. Jason never fails to elicit the hilarious reactions and inspire countless spin-off haunt themes and looks.

You can definitely purchase and take home your Jason and Friday the 13th Halloween gear at the Halloween Club superstores, or at one of the pop-up shops near you. We love visits from Halloween film enthusiasts and are glad to help you find everything you need for a spooktacular season! Best wishes for your survival on Friday, October 13th, 2017.


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