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Beauty & The Creep Costume Contest

Beauty & the Creep Costume Faire contest for original costume makers!


For over 20 years Halloween Club has perfected their craft of curating an impressive collection of Halloween costumes, accessories and props. Visitors are now friends, and the popularity of being a Halloween enthusiast is now an exponentially growing phenomenon. Generations of families are now found around the USA but trek their way back to the Halloween Club because the word on the street is: they carry the best Halloween costumes around. Be who you want to be at your favorite SoCal Halloween warehouse. Open year-round.

Send all inquiries to Remember to spread the word and share your photo using hashtag #OGhalloweenclub and keeping us in the loop by tagging us @halloweenclubs via Instagram or Facebook.

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For generations Halloween Club has curated and carried some of the very best Halloween costumes Southern Californians ever did see. Now we are searching for the most original costumes to prize. Please read full rules before entering. Three ways to enter.


1.) Follow @halloweenclubs on Instagram or Facebook.
2.) You must use hashtag #OGhalloweenclub and tag

3.) Optional: to ensure your entry is registered, click the button Submit Application below and complete the entire form.

4.) Attend Beauty & the Creep Costume Faire.

5.) The submission with the most originality and creativity - as selected by a Halloween Club member panel - wins!
 Winner gets a $500.00 gift card, second prize is a $300.00 gift card, third prize is a $100 gift card to any Halloween Club or Aahs! warehouse locations.


1.) Click the button Submit Application below and complete the entire form.

2.) Host images on Imgur, Photobucket, Image Shack, Flickr, Google Drive, Dropbox. Image links from Facebook, Instagram, etc will be accepted.
3.) Attend Beauty & the Creep Costume Faire.

4.) The submission with the most originality and creativity - as selected by a Halloween Club member panel - wins!


Halloween Club Costume Contest Button


5.) Winner gets a $500.00 gift card, second prize is a $300.00 gift card, third prize is a $100 gift card to any Halloween Club or Aahs! warehouse locations. 

*Rules & Disclaimer:  Upload your original costume creation with hashtag #OGhalloweenclub and tagging @halloweenclubs on Facebook, Instagram or directly via this form here. The most original entry selected by a Halloween Club panel will win. By entering this contest you agree to be the artist behind the costume and own full rights to it. Photos may not be inappropriate, may not use profanity or be sexually explicit in any nature. No promotion of brands, products or services allowed. Breaking any of these rules will result in disqualification and removal of your photo. Select photos may be used for promotional contest purposes (#regram, #repost). Multiple entries are not allowed. You MUST be present at the time of the Beauty and The Creep Costume Faire event to model your costume on September 20, 2014. Transportation to Halloween Club or Aahs! is the responsibility of the winner. $500, $300 and $100 gift cards are not valid with other coupons or offers and are not redeemable for cash. Card can be used at any Halloween Club or Aahs! locations (see costume super stores here). Void where prohibited. Not redeemable for cash or on prior purchases. Halloween Club or Aahs! employees (including former) are not eligible to join. Contest entries close September 18, 2014 at 11:59 PST. Winner will be announced September 20, 2014 at Halloween Club's Beauty & The Creep Costume Faire.