What is Halloween Club's Spook Show?

2013 was the year that Halloween Club held its very first Spook Show outside of the La Mirada superstore location. This get-together for the local Halloween lifestyle community grew into a spooktacular must-do annual event to fill the void kindred spirits feel at the start of the year. 

This fall, we're hosting the very best ghoul vendors to come recreate, sell, exhibit, shop, frolic, and celebrate the unique culture inspired by the ancient Halloween tradition at Halloween Club's 9th Annual Spook Show!

The Halloween festival will feature over 100 curated local vendors, artists, collectors, teachers, spook makers, and spookipreneurs for like-minded Halloween enthusiastsHalloween Club will also hold its biggest sale event on 1000s of costumes, accessories, and decorations. Support local scary business growth, save the date: September 17th, 2022 RSVP for FREE here!!

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When & Where will Spook Show be held this year?

Halloween Club's 9th Annual Spook Show will be September 17th, 2022, at our Halloween Club La Mirada Costume Superstore facility. The event opens at 12 pm and closes at 7 pm (rain or shine) and per current state/local COVID-19 mandates and regulations. You're required to stay for the entire duration of the event. Vendors will be given a designated load-in time for the early morning of September 17th, 2022. If you require extra setup time, please make sure you request this in advance. You must agree to our Terms & Conditions Acknowledgement checkoff (found in vendor application) to respect loading times and designated pathways. We need your help in avoiding pileups and blocking of driving pathways. You may not arrive late to unload at entrance of the store. 

What is the vendor/exhibitor cost for the event? What exactly does it include? +

$150* 10x10ft tent space Non-refundable. It’s imperative exact dimensions be provided of tent space so we make appropriate accommodations. If space greater than a 10x10 ft space is required, please see below.
$200* 10x15ft, 12x12, 12x15ft tent space Non-refundable. It’s imperative exact dimensions be provided of tent space so we make appropriate accommodations. Exact dimensions are required at signup time.
$300* 10x20ft tent space Non-refundableExact dimensions are required at signup time.
$400* Greater than a 10x20ft tent space Non-refundableExact dimensions are required at signup time.
$300* Food vendors Non-refundableExact dimensions of truck are required at signup time. Copy of license and permit will also be required.
-- Musicians/Performers We aren't accepting any musicians/performers at this time.
Late fee Non-refundable. You must make payment within 2 DAYS of receiving your acceptance confirmation email. You must also complete the Secondary Application Checklist Form on the same day.
$100 Shared booth spaced for any sized booth. Non-refundable. Vendor application must be filled out twice. It’s imperative exact dimensions be provided of tent space so we make appropriate accommodations. 
$100 Requests for placement Requests for placement near another vendor.
$30 Electricity Non-refundable. Up to 5 amps. Please ensure to bring long cables.
$10 WiFi Non-refundable.

Payment and completion of the Secondary Application Checklist Form are both required immediately after the sent acceptance confirmation email. We've provided the option for an SMS alert to alert you. Please submit payment within 2 DAYS, or you'll incur a $60 late charge and may even lose your reservation and go into the vendor waiting list. No exceptions. These fees are to reserve your spots only. You'll also need to promptly sign the vendor liability release to complete your confirmed participation in the event available via the Secondary Application Checklist Form.

You'll need to provide your tarps, canopies, wires, tables, chairs, furniture, etc. It'll be your responsibility to ensure your booth is appropriately secured and manned throughout the event. To ensure a clean and safe time, you'll be required to maintain a waste-free environment. Cancellations will not be refunded. No exceptions.

If confirmed as a vendor/exhibitor, you'll be required to help promote the 9th Annual Spook Show using the artwork we'll provide and tagging us via @halloweenclubs #spookshow9 #halloweenclub #spookshowHC. 

Will you provide any equipment? Tables? Chairs?

At this time, we're not offering these options. We'll inform you immediately if anything changes, until then, please plan accordingly.

In addition to the booth space, we'll feature your company logo on event pages as well as event programs. Your goods/services may also be promoted.

Do I need vendor’s permit?
Only food vendors are required to provide a copy of permit and registration.

I would like to share a booth, what do I do?

If you are sharing a booth with another vendor, please fill out the form for each business. You’re both required to be Halloween/dark in nature to ensure we're all recreating the spirit of Halloween on September 17th, 2022. You'll incur an additional $100 shared space fee.

How are vendors chosen?

Halloween Club's currently seeking local Halloween/dark-themed professionals, artisans, craft-makers, cooks, and teachers that’d like to participate in our 2022 Spook Show. The event will feature curated local vendors, artists, collectors, teachers, spook-makers, spookipreneurs for like-minded Halloween enthusiasts. Our goal is to showcase every year an exciting new unique mix of a variety of what constitutes Halloween culture. Registration found here.

We reserve the right to turn down too many of the same type vendors/exhibitors. If your organization/work isn't Halloween related, your vendor/exhibitor request won't be accepted. To be fair, prior participation doesn't guarantee confirmation for this event and appreciate your understanding. Please sign-up for future events here.


How soon will I know if I was accepted or not?

Approximately within 2 business weeks (BUT LIKELY LESS). We encourage you to signup for a SMS notification to ensure you're timely with payment/paperwork. We appreciate your patience during this time.

I was a vendor/exhibitor at your previous Spook Show(s). Why haven't I been chosen/notified yet?
To be fair to all talented spooksters, prior participation in Halloween Club's Spook Show doesn't confirm you for this event. Signing-up also doesn't guarantee your reservation for the event. Accepted vendors/exhibitors will receive a confirmation email up within 2 business weeks of signup. We appreciate you understanding this.

I’m with a hearse/spooky car club - do I fall under exhibitor? Also do I have to pay?
Yes, but you must be confirmed to do so. Confirmed hearse/car clubs will have reserved parking on the event day starting from 8am-10:30am. Please sign up as soon as possible as we've got extremely limited space for this.


I don’t live in Southern California, can I still apply?

Yes, absolutely! Here are some useful links to help with accommodations of local hotels (1-5 minute walking/driving distance):

Hotel information

Extended Stay America

Halloween Club Event Address

14447 Firestone Blvd

La Mirada, CA 90638

I’ve been accepted, how do I submit payment and by when should I pay?
When accepted, you'll receive an email that'll contain a Secondary Application Checklist Form. That form will include a PayPal link for making payment. Your application remains outstanding until full payment and the Secondary Application Checklist Form (includes liability) are both submitted. Payment must be received within 2 DAYS to avoid a $60 late charge or risk having your application canceled altogether. You're required to submit the Secondary Application Checklist Form on the same day as payment.

I've been accepted, but my name doesn't appear on your featured vendor/exhibitor lists. How come?
Was your liability release form submitted? Did you provide high-resolution images? Or if you're a food vendor, did you email a copy of your registration/permit? If not, please check your confirmation email for the Secondary Application Checklist Form that is immediately required with payment. 

Can I choose my vendor spot? Where will I be placed in the event arena?
There'll be an additional $100 fee for requests to be placed alongside a vendor friend to ensure variety throughout the arena. Special accommodations for medical/physical/technical reasons, please make sure you make us aware when applying.

I have a question/concern not listed here, who do I contact?
Please email marketing@halloweenclub.com.

Our application and approval process is fairly simple, but all requirements must be met. If you are interested in vending/exhibiting/ performing, please read all the details carefully below. |SIGNUP HERE|