Spook Show Nostalgia: A Look Back at the Past and Costume Preparedness for the Upcoming

It’s that time of year when the dead and the living meet up to frolic with spirits kindred and specters unseen. The meeting place hasn’t changed: Halloween Club in La Mirada is the beacon that draws us all in, like a vortex with infinite pull. Don’t fight the feeling. Give in and embrace all things Halloween-related and dark in nature, yet not so scary that the little frightlings will run away scared. 

Come be a part of something spectacular and magical at the 7th Annual Spook Show Halloween festival. Come as you are, dress to impress, or suit up in your favorite costume… Don’t have a costume--no worries. Halloween Club has got you covered--literally. As soon as those doors creak open and you have made your way into the belly of the beast, explore the aisles and allow the spirits to take over and guide you. The day of The Spook Show is when we have the biggest sale of the year; this is the most ideal time for any cosplayer--or any person interested in cosplaying--to have a gander at our items so that they can synthesize the ideal costume that will complete their cosplay needs. The perfect costume awaits you, all you need to do is seek it out.

Some of the costumes that reside in this place want to go home with you. Here are some that might pique your interest:


Pennywise costume at Halloween Club

IT the Movie Pennywise Grand Heritage Adult Mens Costume (SKU: 397182)

The IT the Movie Pennywise Grand Heritage Adult Mens Costume is ideal for those who conceal themselves from their prey in sewage drains.

Kids with Pennywise at Halloween Club

Photo courtesy of @ActorFrankie

These two unfortunate souls met their demise at last year’s Spook Show when they ran into Pennywise. But they float now. They all float.

Jason Kit at Halloween Club

Friday the 13th Jason Adult Costume Kit (SKU: 345788)

If you need to slash and stab in a hurry then the Friday the 13th Jason Adult Costume Kit is essential for those terrorizing campers and counselors that mind their own business.

Jason with dog at Halloween Club

Photo courtesy of @Blackwolfwitch

This poor camper was strolling through the woods but because of her bright, orange Halloween sweater was she spotted by Jason Voorhees. She now sleeps with the fishes at the bottom of Camp Crystal Lake. Please note that pets are not allowed into the event. Only service animals are allowed at the event and must be on a leash at all times.

motel hell pig

Motel Hell Pig Adult Men Costume (SKU: 304624)

You’re not going to want to chase down those scared teens through an abandoned meat processing plant without the Motel Hell Pig Adult Men Costume. Chainsaw not included but pairs nicely with this attire.


Yellow Chainsaw 27in (SKU: 406078)

The Yellow Chainsaw 27in (AKA The Crowd Disperser) is the weapon of choice for escaped psychotic mental patients and manic maniacs--rated number one by serial killers. Please note that real weapons aren’t allowed. Please view our prohibited items here.

Pig and bird

Photo courtesy of @Chris_Hannan

This crow cultist wound up in the wrong part of the forest. Needless to say, his goose was cooked and the only fowl-smelling thing ended up being his carcass on a fire spit.

Skeleton jumpsuit

Glow in the Dark Skeleton Catsuit Adult Womens Costume (SKU: 322731)

You’re positively glowing, but for different reasons. The Glow in the Dark Skeleton Catsuit Adult Womens Costume will instantly transform you from bag of bones to bone-chilling skeletal terror.

Skeleton hearse

Photo courtesy of @cindyloo84

Death is not male, nor is it sexless; it comes in many forms. Last year it rode in style in its curse hearse, shedded its robe, and loomed about looking for its next victim. Who will be next on its hit list this year? TIP: don't circle until death to find Spook Show parking. Find where to park here.


Black bustier

Wet Look Black Bustier (SKU: 301831)

From bustiers to booty shorts, we carry them. If you’re looking to piece together your own costume, we carry plenty of accessories which include the Wet Look Black Bustier that has a slick look to it.

Which tights

Black and Orange Striped Tights (SKU: 010202)

We also carry various styles and colors of tutus and tights that can be mixed and matched with our bustiers. The Black and Orange Striped Tights have a witchy feel to them.


Rebellious ghoul

Photo courtesy of @brittaniBitez

The sun was beating down during last year’s Spook Show, but this rebellious ghoul came prepared with her parasol. Rain or shine, the Spook Show will go on!

Dragon umbrella

Dragon Umbrella (SKU: 400839)


The day of the Spook Show will most likely be warm and sunny--a real beautiful day...Ugh, put me out of my misery! However, all you vampires need not worry. You don’t have to be caught off-guard by the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Pick up a Dragon Umbrella, or perhaps even…

Skull Umbrella (SKU: 400841)

A Skull Umbrella. It would be a shame to have the sun alter the pale features that come with avoiding the sun all these hundreds of years.

Jason cat mask

Photo courtesy of @crow5by5

All of you poor, misunderstood serial killers have one thing in common: an ugly mug that not even a mother could love. No worries, though. We have plenty of masks to conceal your physical hideousness with.

Cat Mask with Tongue (SKU: 386096)

Hide your physical disfigurement and evil intentions from the world in this Cat Mask with Tongue. You’ll look so innocent and adorable that your victims will flock to you like sheep to the slaughter.

Dog mask

Dog Mask (SKU: 386125)

Being a psychotic murderer with erratic emotions and a bevy of personalities, you might as well have a different mask to represent each voice in your head. The Dog Mask will lead people to believe that you’re as affectionate as man’s best friend--the perfect opportunity to prove them wrong.  

white mask

Creepypasta Zalgo Mask (SKU: 410480)

Perhaps cute and approachable isn’t your strategy. Maybe you would like to induce fear into your victims. The Creepypasta Zalgo Mask is going to get your point across as quickly as your victims will try running away from you in fear.

Attendees at last year’s Spook Show were simply trying to have a good time but Billy the puppet kept wanting to play a game with them and Michael...well, Michael was being Michael.

Saw Billy the Puppet Adult Mens Costume (SKU:391964)

So you’ve kidnapped your victim: check. You’ve placed them in a secure location known only to you: check. Now you gotta dress the part in the Saw Billy the Puppet Adult Mens Costume so that you can relay to them an ominous set of instructions before your game commences. Tricycle not included. 

billy woman

Saw Seductive Billy Adult Womens Costume (SKU: 391963)

No, this isn’t a side of Billy we haven’t seen before. The Saw Seductive Billy Adult Womens Costume is for those who will lure you in with their sex appeal in order to play a game that is hazardous to your health. Let the game begin. 


Michael costume

Michael Myers Adult Mens Plus Size Costume (SKU: 373740)

It’s Halloween night. The anniversary of the night you stabbed your sister to death. How does one celebrate? By dressing in the Michael Myers Adult Mens Plus Size Costume and going on a spree. So many teenagers, so little time.


Photo courtesy of @parks_and_cons

You’re not going to want to miss this year’s Spook Show, or subsequent ones either, because you’ll end up on Krampus’ naughty list. You don’t want him to stuff you into his sack, drag you back to his lair, and beat you with sticks; unless you’re into that sort of thing.

krampus costume

Krampus the Christmas Demon Adult Mens Costume (SKU: 352738)

Speaking of Santa’s better half, the Krampus the Christmas Demon Adult Mens Costume is a great outfit to wear during any time of the year, but especially during the Christmas season when you have to visit your in-laws. Some acts/items may not be suitable for kids. Parental discretion is advised at this event. Remember all kids require a ticket too!

Dapper skeleton

Photo courtesy of @orohotinstagram

All seriousness aside, come April 6th, we hope to see you all at Halloween Club’s 7th Annual Spook Show. There will be over a hundred small business merchants with unique, one-of-a-kind items. Food and other edible goodies will be available for purchase.  See our 2019 #SpookShow7 lineup here. There will also be ghoulies and monsters roaming around, but there’s no need to be afraid because they only wish to make their presence known, enjoy in the entertainment, and vanish into the darkness once the action has subsided.

Mark your calendars, save the date and get tickets for all your ghoul squad (they're FREE here). Come partake in food and drink with us so that we may all carrion in the way fellow spooklings like ourselves celebrate and embrace all things Halloween in nature. Souvenir shirts (mockup found here) will also be sold at Red Eye's Media booth #1. For vendor map information please click here.