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For the past few years, horror and Halloween enthusiasts near and far have traveled to meet where all kindred spirits may lie. This gathering of haunting is known as the “Spook Show”, an annual event conjured up by the Halloween Club. Spook Show started with a simple mission: facilitate an outdoor-gathering where small businesses and fellow enthusiasts convene to share their penchant for the macabre and support the local community on-site at Halloween Club in full costume. This get-together for the Halloween lifestyle community has grown into a spooktacular must-do annual event to fill the void kindred spirits feel at the start of the year.

The Halloween Club is proud to host the Annual Spook Show on Saturday, October 14th, 2023 from 11am to 6pm. 

Why Shop Small?
Small businesses have a novel appeal to them. They are not merely a big brand store looking to sell you a product. They are the way your parents, neighbor, or friend may make a living. They provide a more personal and hands-on customer service experience, helping to answer your questions quickly and directly, while also working with you to help deliver exactly what you need. This direct customer service helps to develop trust between consumer and owner, something that you could not get from a giant retailer. (source Fivestars).

The benefit of shopping small is also mutual support. When you buy from a small business, it profits the community. Small businesses are a source of local jobs. In fact, ⅔ of new jobs created in the United States are from small businesses (source NFIB). For many of us, our very first job was with a small business. The dream of one entrepreneur then goes to help and provide for the goals of another. Along with providing jobs, money that is spent at a small, local business is money that stays within the community.

Join Us and Celebrate with Kindred Spirits
Halloween is a beloved holiday for many, and maybe our seasonal tastes are a bit out of the ordinary, but there’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself and fulfilling your inner scream queen or horror fanatic by shopping small at businesses like Halloween Club, you may find some fantastic treasures, and you’ll also be doing some good impact on our community.

For updates follow us on Instagram or Facebook spread the word #spookshowHC @halloweenclubs. Vendor map found here.

Please support your local small businesses. Halloween Club will be open daily during this time and will be holding a sale. For store hours & directions click here).  

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 Event Rules & Prohibited Items
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» Event Program w/ Map (Printed copies will not be provided this year)
» Experience the art of a Spook Show
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» Directions: Halloween Club 14447 Firestone Blvd La Mirada, CA 90638
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Q. What is Halloween Club's Spook Show about?
A. Learn more by clicking here.

Q. I'm interested in donating and/or helping sponsor your event. Who do I contact?
A. Please email marketing@halloweenclub.com

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1 Dark Fantasy Furnishings @dark-fantasy-furnishings 71 Bronsons Shop of Horror @Bronsons_shop_of_horror
2 Abbybelle @abbybelle 72 Dani's Spooky Treats @danis_spooky_treats
3 M&M Bath & Body @mmbathbody 73 Creepy Sweets @_creepy_sweets_
4 The Contrary Dame @contrary_dame 74 Erva Brew Co @drinkerva
5 & 6 Monster Posse @monsterposse 75-82 Grandma's Kitchen @gkcaterer
7 GLADRACKET @gladracket 83 & 84 Scooter's Italian Ice @SCOOTERITALIANICE
8 SpooksieBoo @spooksieboo 92 Mama Dog Collars @mamadogcollars_apparel
9 Kim's Psychic Readings @psychicangelkim 93 MamasyPapas @MamasyPapas
10 Coolsville @coolsvilleusa 94 Luna Cloth @lunacloth1
11 Design x Nicole @designxnicole 95 Vicious Vixens Designs @Viciousvixensdesigns
12 Nibbles.NELA @nibbles.nela 96 Honey Vixen Co. @honeyvixen.co
13 Paramount Pictures @smilemovie 97 The Scream Lab @thescreamlab
14 Slevin Mors @slevinmors 98 Spooky Por Vida @Spookyporvida_
15 Le Bownitte By Beatrice @lebownittebybeatrice 99 Mindless Culture @mindlessculture
16 Chibi Resin @ChibiResin 100 Hoops & Craft Boutique @hoops_craft_boutique
17 Drip From The Crypt @dripfromthecrypt_ 101 PENTOOLARTS @pentoolartist
18 Sickle And Stitch @sickleandstitch 102 Desert Decay Manor @desertdecaymanor
19 Dulce calaveritas @dulcecalaveritas 105 Black Magic Cakery @blackmagiccakery
20 Love Pain and Stitches @Lovepainandstitches 106 Psykotik Art @psykotik_art
21 Cursed Creatures @Cursed_creatures 107 Halloween Huns @halloweenhuns
22 & 23 HILARY'S VANITY @hilarysvanity 108 A Izvi Creations @izvi.creations
24 & 25 The H Collective @leanigma 109 The Art of Sketch @theartofsketch
38 Little Cute Horror Creations @littlecutehorrorcreations 110 Poltergeists and Paramours @poltergeistsandparamours
39 owlieart @owlieart 111 Double Trouble Apparel @doubletroubleapparel
40 Alienz R Us @alienzrusshop 112 spooky schoonie @spooky_schoonie
41 Little Haus of Horrors @littlehausofhorrors 113 The Bleach Cafe @thebleachcafe
42 Spoopy Ghouls @spoopyghouls 114 & 115 kreepsville @kreepsville666
43 Mumsterville @mumsterville 116 & 117 Mischief Made @mischief_made_me
44 The Enchanted Bruja @the_enchanted_bruja 118 Ginnakae Illustration @ginnakaeillustration
45 Eris ‘N Embers @eris.n.embers 119 Tee No Evil @teenoevil
46 Mood Poison @mood_poison 120 Little Munsters BOOtique @little_munsters_bootique
47 Spooky Threads @spookythreads333 121 Caffeinated Coven Co. @caffeinatedcovenco
48 Icky pop @ickypopshop 123 Lilpapercuties @lilpapercuties
49 funeral classics @funeralclassics13 124 Creepy Gem Kreations @Creepy_Gem_Kreations
50 Horror Daddy @xhorror_daddyx 125 Pinky Star @pinkystarrocks
51 Cult Creep Art @cult_creep 126 Konjure Kreations @konjure_kreations
52 All.well.lita.herbals @all.well.lita.herbals 127 Lucky Hellcat Art @Lucky_Hellcat
53 Lunas Sweets and Treats @lunas_sweets_and_treats 128 Honey Hollow Coffee @honeyhollowcoffee
54 Mystic Mouse Emporium @mysticmouseemporium 131 Whichcraft @Whichcraft_ca
55 Grim Girl Collective @grimgirlcollective 132 Proxima Luna @proximaluna1031
56 Love Pollution @lovepollution 133 Dylan Garrett Smith @dylanxvx
57 Crowded Funhouse @crowdedfunhouse 134 Wicked Bootique @Wicked_Bootique
59 Kwirky.n.Kreepy @Kwirky.n.Kreepy 135 EKAND Designs @ekanddesigns
60 Los Angeles Crafts @losangelescrafts 136 Edge of the World Art Studio @Edgeoftheworld.art
61 DRKLGHT Clothing @drklghtclothes 137 Black Thorn @blackthorn_la
62 clau9designs @clau9designs 138 The Art of Sammy Ruiz @theartofsammyruiz
63 Crimson Witch Studio @crimsonwitchstudio 139 Pinhead Monsters @Pinheadmonsters
64 The Pindys @the.pindys 140 Mummy’s Little Monster @MummysLittleMonster
65 Morbid Visionz @Morbid_visionz 141 Matt Makes Zac Watch Horror Movies @mattmakeszac
66 & 67 Basurita Coqueta Shop @basuritacoquetashop 143 Embrace The Weird @abrand4weirdos
68 Rizzo Michelle @Rizzomichelleart 144 Zulema’s Creative Treats @zee_a29
69 Cats Intuition @cats_intuition 145 Emorbid @emorbid
70 Dark Parks Books & Collectibles @darkparksbooksandcollectibles
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Please email marketing@halloweenclub.com for all media inquiries.

Dubbed Southern California’s favorite Halloween year-round costume super store, the Halloween Club has been spooking for over 35 years. Step foot inside one of our open-year-round warehouses and you’ll find an impressive collection of Halloween costumes, accessories and decoration merchandise. Visitors are now friends, some friends are now family and the popularity of being Halloween enthusiasts continue as an exponentially growing phenomenon. Generations of satisfied guests have moved zip codes but trek their way back to the Halloween Club. Word on the street is Halloween Club does Halloween right. Halloween Club is open daily year-round. Get directions here:  http://www.halloweenclub.com/Locations