"HAUNTERS: The Art Of The Scare"  Panel Discussion

Join Moderator Vanessa Decker aka "Horror Vixen" as she interviews director/producer Jon Schnitzer, legendary scare actor Shar Mayer and boo-scare maze designer Donald Julson as they discuss the innovations and the controversy within the world of haunting as well as the sacrifice it takes to create a horror attraction. They will also explore the future of the industry and the psychological impact of the entire spectrum of haunts from interactive theater to VR to boo-scare and extreme.

"HAUNTERS: The Art Of The Scare" is a documentary about how haunted houses for Halloween have spawned a sub-culture of extreme "full contact" terror experiences. After its premiere on Netflix, discussions and debates have sprung up all over the internet about the safe word, simulation versus torture and the future of haunting. 

Join in on this discussion and find out what these Halloween visionaries have been working on for Halloween 2018! Panel will be held April 7th, during Halloween Club's 6th Annual Spook Show, inside the Halloween Club warehouse at 2pm. First come, first served.

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Horror Vixen

You Tuber: Hello Horror

Horror Bath Bomb Making: Porcelain Wolf

The Ghoul of your Dreams.... jk

 Shar Mayer


Shar Mayer 

Shar Mayer is an actor, producer, haunt consultant & scare actor with 40 years of scary history in haunt industry. See pics, video, interviews and book information on Shar's official website sharmayer.com.



Donald Julson  

Donald Julson is the haunter of "Nightmare On Loganberry", "Blood Offering: The Legend Of The Iron Witch", YouTube's RED Studios, and at the Egyptian Theater for the LA Premiere of HAUNTERS. Donald is also the prop master of Van Helsing, Minority Report, designed the award winning Zodiac Killer booth for RED at CES. Check out Donald's haunt on Facebook NoLHaunters.



Jon Schnitzer

As co-owner of The Brain Factory, Jon Schnitzer has created horror attractions, VR and immersive experiences for clients such as Tim Burton, YouTube Red Studios, and TASCHEN Books, and produced 3D ghost illusions for President Obama's 1st Halloween Party at The White House.

Jon's debut feature film documentary "HAUNTERS: The Art OF The Scare" has been getting rave reviews since it's premiere at Fantastic Fest 2017. 

"9 out of 10!" - Film Threat 
"Genuinely petrifying" - Bloody Disgusting
"Amazing and Fascinating"- Shock Waves Podcast
"Vividly Stunning" - Modern Horrors
"An absolute blast" - iHorror
"An intoxicating study about our relationship with fear." - JOBLO Haunters
Learn more at 

Jon also directed/produced/created "FLATLINE EXPERIENCE", a Virtual Reality project that gives audiences the ability to become active participants in an actual near death experience. 

"I was profoundly affected." - The Huffington Post
"One of the most thought provoking VR experiences I have seen so far." -VR Shop
"This is a thinking...quasi-spiritual ride."   -NPR (KPCC The Frame)

See more of Jon's work with The Brain Factory: thebrainfactory.com