A Wondrous World For Cosplay!

Cosplay! So for all of us enthusiastic nerds here at the Halloween Club who love to prep for the sinister yet magnificent embrace of Halloween, this September is crunch time for us to rethink our costumes. Time is ticking! Consider this a PSA: Start getting ready before it’s too late. And as for anybody still needing a brilliant costume idea, let me throw this out there for you... There is one particular character that redefined the meaning of “superhero,” making for a truly relevant and all around good costume idea that you might want to consider.

Cosplaying for Donald Trump Inauguration

Preparing for Donald Trump Inauguration With the passing of every four years, our country comes together to vote and elect its next leader. We take to the voting polls to decide the direction, fate and future of our country. Each casted vote is either an affirmation to continue on or a declaration for change... from one leader to the next, from one ideology to another.