8th Annual Spook Show

Dear Halloween Club + Spook Show guests.

Due to California Governor Gavin Newsom's call to action that all events of more than 250 people be postponed, it is with deep regret (but with an abundance of caution), to announce that our 8th annual Spook Show will be postponed until further notice. Current vendors will be reassigned new space and details for postponed show. We appreciate your support and understanding.
Please remember we're all in this together.

 Please check back to this page for updates.
Updated 3/12/2020



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For the past few years, horror and Halloween enthusiasts near and far have traveled to meet where all kindred spirits may lie. This gathering of haunting is known as the “Spook Show”, an annual event conjured up by the Halloween Club. Spook Show started with a simple mission: facilitate an outdoor-gathering where small businesses and fellow enthusiasts convene to share their penchant for the macabre and support the local community on-site at Halloween Club in full costume. This get-together for the Halloween lifestyle community has grown into a spooktacular must-do annual event to fill the void kindred spirits feel at the start of the year. 

Why Shop Small?
Small businesses have a novel appeal to them. They are not merely a big brand store looking to sell you a product. They are the way your parents, neighbor, or friend may make a living. They provide a more personal and hands-on customer service experience, helping to answer your questions quickly and directly, while also working with you to help deliver exactly what you need. This direct customer service helps to develop trust between consumer and owner, something that you could not get from a giant retailer. (source Fivestars).

The benefit of shopping small is also mutual support. When you buy from a small business, it profits the community. Small businesses are a source of local jobs. In fact, ⅔ of new jobs created in the United States are from small businesses (source NFIB). For many of us, our very first job was with a small business. The dream of one entrepreneur then goes to help and provide for the goals of another. Along with providing jobs, money that is spent at a small, local business is money that stays within the community.

Join Us and Celebrate with Kindred Spirits
Halloween is a beloved holiday for many, and maybe our seasonal tastes are a bit out of the ordinary, but there’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself and fulfilling your inner scream queen or horror fanatic by shopping small at businesses like Halloween Club, you may find some fantastic treasures, and you’ll also be doing some good impact on our community.

Our 2020 spring Halloween festival that was due to feature over 100 curated local vendors, artists, collectors, teachers, spook makers, spookipreneurs, and musicians for like-minded Halloween enthusiasts has been postponed until further notice. For updates follow us on Instagram or Facebook spread the word #spookshow8 #spookshowHC @halloweenclubs 

Please support your local small businesses. Halloween Club will be open daily during this time for store hours & directions click here).  


8631 Adornments 
All Hallows Eve 
Angel of Death Creations
Art by G.W.E. 
Art of Anuchit 
Artist Abe
Auzzy Blood
Bat In Your Belfry
Bestias y Leyendas
Beware the Dark Realm
Black Magic Cakery
Black Thorn
Black Willow Gallery
Bone Yard Effects, Inc.
Brad Salo
Carrie Anne Hudson Art
Cherry Noir Vintage
Chris’s Bliss 
Coolsville Usa
Creepy Katie's Curiosities
Crypt Relics
Cursed Creatures
Dark Fantasy Furnishings
Dark Parks Books & Collectibles
Deadtime Stories
Demonic Pinfestation 
Discount Cemetery 
Doctor Librums Emporium of Curiosities
Dulce Calaveritas
Erva Brew Co.
Fabulous Frights
Fog It Up! 
Ghoulish Bunny Studios
ginnakae illustration
Hallow Moon FX
Hilary's Vanity
Home Is Where The Corpse Is
HumAlong Productions
Inferno Effects LLC
Just Artwork
Late Fright with Unman Dane 
Le Queen Noire
Lethal Lashes 
Lively Ghosts
Lucky Hellcat Art 
Maggie Love Was Here
Mama Dog Collars
Maricela Aviña
Memento Mori Los Angeles
Monster Creations
Monster Island
Monster Plushies 
Monster Under Your Bed Clothing 
Morbid Kulture
Murderface Art
Neighborhood Monsters 
Nightshade Studios
Official QM Sliders
Pallor Morrtis 
Pixel Bat 
Poltergeists and Paramours
Project13 Creatures 
Psykotik Art
Rad Coffee
Rattlehead Crafts
Rawl of the Dead Photography
Reaper Effects Studio
Rock N Horror 
Ruben Gerard, Artist of Darkness
Rudy's Cauldron Cookin'
Scooter's Italian Ice
Se7en Deadly LLC
Sex and Monsters
Sick Soaps
Skeletal Corpse FX
Slevin Mors
Specter Squad
Spooky Nandy Creations
Stephies Doodles
Stitched Little Devils 
Straight Outta The Coffin
Tee No Evil
The Art of Sammy Ruiz
The Art of Sketch
The Contrary Dame
The Cork and Pin
The Fiends 
The Gloomy Cottage
The H collective
The Pretty CUlt
The Walrus Jockey Studio
Thom Foolery
To The Elements 
Vera's Eyecandy
West Coast Coffins
Wicked Moon Creations 
Wickedd Z
*more to come*

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Q. What is Halloween Club's Spook Show about?
A. Learn more by clicking here.

Q. I'm interested in donating and/or helping sponsor your event. Who do I contact?
A. Please email marketing@halloweenclub.com

Q. Who do I contact for media inquiries?
A. Please visit this page here.

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Please email marketing@halloweenclub.com for all media inquiries.

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