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The original Spook Shows were hosted by magicians using an immersive “blacked out” setup from which ghosts and ghoulies would then ascend out of the dark beyond... and make their presence known to the audience. 

These rowdy specters would frolic among the theater-goers and fill them with fright and laughter. This was achieved through the use of props, lighting, sound effects, and the audience's willingness to sacrifice logic in order to buy into surrealism.

Rather curiously, you may find yourself asking, "What happens with the items used in the Spook Show when all the entities return to the netherworld?" 

They’re sold at the Spook Show's Biz-aar! 

It’s our hope that Halloween Club sees you on September 21st, 2019. There’ll be plenty of spooky vendors whose wares may be inhabited by paranormal beings looking to go home with their new familiar spirit. 

The Spook Show's Biz-aar is a bazaar where Halloween enthusiasts, fans of gore and the macabre congregate in order to shop 'till they drop and be spooky. People from various walks of life are conjured to attend. Whatever your penchant, the Spook Show's Biz-aar is the place to acquire interesting pieces of art, clothing, and even edible goodies. Rest assured, all vendors will be carefully curated to be reminiscent of All Hallow's Eve.

Won't you come to visit us Saturday September 21st, 2019 from 12pm-7pm at Halloween Club’s La Mirada superstore location so that you can take home some accursed items that’ll fill your home and life with magic, mystery, and perhaps a ghost or three?


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» Directions: Halloween Club 14447 Firestone Blvd La Mirada, CA 90638
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